Do I really need cybersecurity service?


Here is a questionnaire for you to decide if you need security testing services,

Can you afford to lose your customers?
Can you afford to lose to your competitors?
Can you afford to have downtime?
Can you afford to have bad reputation via social media?
Can you afford to get sued?
Can you afford to pay a hefty amount for hosting for non-genuine usage? (Cash overflow attack)
Can you afford to go out of business based on critical vulnerabilities?
Can you afford to face the questions by media?
Can you afford to face the lawsuit?
Can you afford to have negative propaganda about your company?
Can you afford to compromise with the privacy of your customer’s data?If the majority answers were “NO”, then you are eligible to test your cyber security.

Adding further…some myths and reality…

Myth – Cybersecurity is not relevant to our business…

Myth – We can not afford to employ cybersecurity analyst in our company at the moment…our majority focus is included in productivity at the moment…

Myth – I don’t think so we are at risk…due to low reachability and market reputation against their giant competitors.

Myth – I would rather wait and spend money if we encounter any issue in future…

Reality – Never stop assuming that the attackers are not testing your defence daily. Bad guys don’t follow a code of ethics.

Reality – Security is just an illusion. No system on this planet with even Air-Gap is 100% secure.

Reality – Today’s 5 pence spent on cybersecurity can protect you from $5000 loss in future.

Reality – Cyber Security is not only limited to loss of data and money. The major loss is brand reputation and company existence in future.


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