Jigar Thakkar

Jigar Thakkar

Jigar Thakkar is an Information Security Specialist and is also the co-founder of Bulwarkers. He with has more than four years of experience starting from applied his knowledge and experience to distribute far-ranging IT Security Services extending from IT Security implementation across networks, audits as well as monitoring.

Jigar leads the team at Bulwarkers. He is good with defining the methodology of pentesting, vulnerability analysis which have become industry standards. His passion is always looking for business logic issues and breaking such things. Through the last few years while Independent security researcher, He has performed numerous VAPTs for Web Application, Mobile Application, API testing for many large companies.

He also works on public bug bounty platform like BugCrowd and HackerOne, As well as private bug bounty platform like Synack. On HackerOne platform he is on 22nd rank, Best in the world of all time, https://hackerone.com/jigarthakkar39

He has been appreciated and accredited by Facebook, Google, Twitter, Microsoft, Apple, Oracle, DropBox, LinkedIn, AT&T, Barracuda, Telekom, Adobe, EBay, Zendesk, CoinBase, Magento, MalwareBytes, etc.. For finding a security vulnerabilities on their applications and help them to remediate those issues as well.

His know-how and experience has been gathered from renowned firms like Dimension data India Ltd (NTT Group) As a Network Engineer and Net Square Solutions Pvt. Ltd. As a Security Analyst. Jigar graduated from Gujarat University with a bachelor degree in computer science and a diploma degree in computer engineering from K.D. Polytechnic, Patan, Gujarat. His meritorious and commendable Professional certification covers up – Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA), Juniper Network Certified Associate (JNCIA), Microsoft Technology Associate (Security Fundamental), Cyberoam Certified Network & Security Professional (CCNSP) from Infobit Technologies, Ahmedabad, As well as Diploma in Information Security and Ethical Hacking from Appin Technology Labs, Ahmedabad.