Web Application Security Testing

The human existence has nominated digital means for shopping payments, social networking, money transfers, banking and so on. The recent culture has been inspired and impressed by Web Application which is a general means of business and has been vulnerable by SQL injection, Remote Code Execution (RCE), XSS (Cross Site Scripting), IDOR (Insecure Direct Object References), etc.. Those are held responsible for specifically damaging brand as well as reputation influencing the access provider of several business.
We guarantee you about your application being secure and safe as well as also assure you about your applications being shielded from the hackers.

Android Application Security Testing

It is very essential for a developer as well as for an android application development company to determine the security related to data leakage and other cyber frauds and as such the security testing service provided by us promises the application to be safe.

Basically there are 2 levels required for an android platform to be secure – the application level and the device level. The requisite for the application level security is to expose the bugs in applications that appear in the device and hence we are vigilant both on server- side as well as on client-side security issues in the application.

iOS Application Security Testing

iOS applications are more secured as compared to Android because of certain norms placed by Apple. Despite of being an iOS developer and developing application for your users, it is advisable to get your application’s security tested so that the application is secured and free from danger.

API Security Testing

Normally web services include approach to standardized functions by using traditional APIs by various other applications extending from web applications, thick clients, B2B servers or mobile apps. The companies reveal web services as a set of functions accessible to other IT solutions to make them aware about the business objectives.

The service-oriented architecture (SOA) provides high flexibility as well as cost efficiency in developing and delivering services to an organization. So, It is advisable that those API should be well tested before it implemented for users to be use.

CMS Security Testing

Although CMSs such as Drupal, WordPress as well as Joomla are more into demand, they are commendable attack agents too. Because of the problems and dangers developing at all times, there has to be a solution to maintain the security of your website. Apart from CMS security being essential for your company and e-commerce websites, but are also vital for blogs and campaign pages, they are frequently outdated, they are effortlessly targeted by hackers leading to a more thorough security breach.

Secure Coding Training

Acquiring information about secure coding principles as well as the manner in which they can be applied is a successful training plan for the developers. The accession with this control is evaluated via the Application Security Testing Program which contains testing for secure coding principles expressed in OWASP Secure Coding Guidelines.

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