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Why Bulwarkers?

BULWARKERS – As the name itself defines, provides a strong pillar and foundation for the digital assets as it examines them by giving a clear security aspect of your organization by scrutinizing your online business environment from the hackers’ perspective.

Who We Are?

Professional Testers

We, As a team, Inspect and figure out the threats in the application that prompts and inspires on detecting Zero-day uncertainties.

Security Researchers

We are well informed about the upswing of the Zero-days in the business because of the perpetual record of the challenges that may exert influence on your application.

Security Analysts

We believe in evaluating the entire application by guarantying the security of the data as well as the information from cyber criminals.

Our Services

We assist in protecting against threats in nullifying matters based on various corporate as well as private clients’ corporate security problems.

Our Honourable Clients & Acknowledgements

Our Work Style

In addition to our agenda that scrutinizes the entire application, It ought to be evaluated on the grounds of OWASP Testing Guide V4 comprising of all the security threats thereby succeeding in removing the slightest of the risk.

Knowing Application5%

5% Complete

Information Gathering 15%

15% Complete

Preparing Test Cases 30%

30% Complete

Manual Testing & Exploitation 80%

80% Complete

Automated Testing & Validation90%

90% Complete

Report Delivery100%

100% Complete

Our Blog

Our motto is to create awareness regarding the prevailing security threats by means of blog posts.


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We would be glad to have an opportunity to showcase our capability for the digital assets present in your domain of business.