What is Encryption and How it is important?

What is Encryption and How it is important

What is Encryption and How it is important?

In this digital age, working online is the new normal and our personal lives are very in public sight. We must protect the flow of information to prevent data theft or breach of our privacy. 

Our browser history can be traced with one click even if use incognito mode. That’s where encryption comes into the picture. 

What is Encryption?

Encryption is a process that scrambles the readable text of an individual who has authorized access. Encryption requires the cryptographic key which is a set of mathematical values that both sender and recipient of the encrypted message agree on.

Different types of encryption:- 

1.   Symmetric encryption – consists of only a single password for both encryption and decryption. 

2.   Asymmetric encryption – consists of a password that is shared among users to decrypt data.  

Benefits of encryption:- 

  • Encryption protects data

Comprehensive encryption safeguards data whether in transit or at rest. It acts as a deterrent to cybercriminals from decoding data.  

  • Increases consumer trust

Most companies know that encryption safeguards data and help prevent a data breach. Certain encryption standards give businesses a competitive edge. 

  • Secures data transfer

When data is in transit, it is most vulnerable. A complete encryption solution will safeguard secret information ensuring any file or documents remain safe from data loss or theft. 

  • Cost-effective to implement

Today every device or system we use comes with some sort of encryption technology. For instance, Microsoft Windows provides a program called BitLocker, designed to encrypt entire volumes of hard disk.

  • Protection over multiple devices

Encryption protects multiple devices from unauthorized access. Businesses may ensure that all company data across all devices are properly secured with the same high-security standards found for sensitive information on personal PCs by using data encryption software.

Drawbacks of encryption:-

  • If the password or key was lost, the user would be unable to access the encrypted file. In contrast, utilizing simpler keys for data encryption leaves it open to arbitrary access by anyone. 
  • If a company is unaware of any of the restrictions imposed by encryption techniques, it is possible to develop arbitrary expectations and specifications that could endanger data encryption protection. 
  • Data protection solutions might be difficult to employ when the user layers them into existing systems and software. This can harm the device’s regular operations. 

In this digital world, encryption is crucial to keep information secure. Encryption uses complex algorithms to protect data from data breaches or theft. Encryption is like a secure shelter from unauthorized access and protects data unconditionally.

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