Multi-factor Authentication In Today’s Digital Climate


Multi-factor Authentication In Today’s Digital Climate

Evolving technology and increasing digitalization also require robust cyber security to prevent cyber threats. This is where the importance of changing passwords comes into vogue. Hackers find ways like phishing traps or malware attacks to get access to your personal details.

Multi-factor authentication serves as a security control. MFA requires a user to provide:-

  1. Fingerprint, facial recognition
  2. Security card, mobile phone, iPad
  3. PIN number, Passcode

A security mechanism known as multi-factor authentication confirms a user’s identity by requesting various credentials. In recent years, multi-factor authentication is more commonly used by social media applications to provide robust security to end users.

Pros of Multi-factor authentication:-

  1. The primary importance of MFA is cyber security which prevents a data breach or data theft.
  2. MFA controls access to your files: – It helps organizations define who does and doesn’t have access to any sensitive or confidential data.
  3. MFA is made up of three common credentials which shield your sensitive information:

    1. Password
    2. Security token
    3. Secure biometric verification

Cons of Multi-factor authentication:-

  1. Setting up multi-factor authentication is expensive and time-consuming.
  2. One can find some inconsistencies while setting up MFA across various organizations.
  3. The initial cost of setting up an MFA is high. So, a business has to outsource multi-factor authentication programming.

Importance of multi-factor authentication:-

Multi-factor authentication is a method of security that check users identities on a network using several credentials. If a hacker were to steal usernames and passwords from your employees, then they could gain access to your network. With MFA, it wouldn’t be enough to steal the usernames and passwords.

After the pandemic hit, multi-factor authentication is no longer optional. It has become a master tool as more businesses have adopted zero-trust security protocols.

The main conclusion from this is that, while MFA is a strong security solution and a crucial one in the ongoing era of remote work. At this time, emphasis should be placed on strong, all-encompassing cybersecurity strategies. One of the greatest solutions is zero trust because it views every person and device trying to enter a network as a possible threat.


Why is MFA important?

Your single-factor credentials may be stolen as part of an attack, but MFA is made to defend you against such threats. Knowing your password alone won’t give someone access to your account with MFA.

Can MFA be set up on the computer?

Yes, MFA can be set up on computer and mobile devices as well.

What are the other options available than the mobile app to authenticate MFA?

Other than a mobile app, one can get a text message or a phone call as an additional option to authenticate MFA.


Multi-factor authentication is more important than ever in this digital world. Password strength alone cannot be depended upon as the only layer of protection due to the rise in cyber attacks on businesses. A hacked or easily guessed password would otherwise allow 99.9% of automated attacks to succeed. Multi-factor authentication has been shown to thwart these cyber attacks.

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